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What do you write on a memorial card?

Have you seen those small cards in peoples wallets, purses or accompanying funeral flowers? If you have, thats an example of a memorial card.

These keepsakes are something that loved ones hold onto after the funeral itself. They have grown in popularity since the pandemic, often given to people who couldn’t attend. This guide outlines what information is displayed and how you can use them.

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memorial card design

What is a Memorial Card?

Because these cards typically live in peoples purses and wallets, they are sized around 85mm x 55mm They can be used for a number of different purposes such as ‘funeral announcement’ ‘memory cards with photos’ ‘favourite prayers, hymns or poems’.

Is lamination needed?

For a long time, they have been laminated, though with today’s eco-friendly eyes thats a less popular choice. Many families will choose a thick card, and forgo the lamination. There is a rule of thumb with card thickness / durability – Typically, anything less than 350gsm won’t really last the distance.

A good quality 350gsm silk will do a great job showing your loved ones details, and last for years and years to come. You might want to make the cards yourself, or you can use a professional specialist business like ‘’ to produce them.

Order from the supplier direct (us) and make significant savings

You can approach your funeral director directly, but likely you will pay significantly more for the print and design, because they will have to add a margin onto the work they outsource.

Fast 24hr – 48hr design and printing turnaround

Over the years, we’ve specialised in making the order process very easy, so with little technology skills we can collate the information you need on the memorial card, and return printed versions within 24-48hrs.

beautiful memorial cards

What goes on a Memorial Card?

There is no right or wrong answer to that question. It’s very personal, so i’ll share a few ideas, pick some or all of them to use within your own design. One side will usually feature a photo, this can be taken from the funeral order of service if you prefer.

Prayers, lyrics or poems

The other side might contain a favourite prayer, poem, extract of song lyric or some other meaningful information.

The main photo

Above and below the main photo, we’ll usually include the full name, date of birth and passing, the location of the funeral or burial plot and sometimes a nice note from the family Like I say, there is no right or wrong way.

Some families prefer a very sparse amount of information, others like to include lots of details.

You might want to share the memorial cards at the service, or ask the funeral director to pop them inside the order of service. You give people who attend the option or keep one or both the funeral order of service / memorial card as a keepsake.

Is a memorial card essential?

It’s 100% up to you and the family. We supply around 60% of orders with some kind of memorial card or keepsake, so its by no means every family that chooses to order.

On occasion, some time after the funeral service, family have reached out to design and print their memorial cards with us, so it’s not something you have to decide on before the service, though that is the usual timeline.

The memorial card can be a low cost keepsake to share with family and friends who couldn’t attend the service. We can print small amounts too, so you don’t need to have hundreds made. Many families will insert a memorial card into the order of service and post out 10-15 to just a few loved ones.

Memorial cards for funeral flowers

Many families like to include a memorial card to accompany their funeral flowers. There are an almost unending list of funeral flower messages, but what do you write on a memorial card? some words you might want to search online for are as follows:

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Discover verses for your cards, search for…

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Funeral Service

Funeral flower messages

If you’ve lost a loved one, you may be thinking about sending a sympathy card or flowers. This guide provides examples of funeral flower and sympathy card messages. It gives examples of the best way to express your condolences in a heartfelt and heartfelt message.

More search terms to try…

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Short funeral flower messages

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Fond memories

Knowing what to write on a funeral card isn’t always an easy task. You may want to express your own feelings, share a fond memory or offer your support. Even if you prefer to keep your funeral messages quite short, it will come across as a warm and heartfelt gesture. We have listed some examples below to help you write your own sympathy card. You can also write a funeral message for a friend or a relative of a relative who has passed away.

the back page can include more details like donations for a specific charity.

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How to design a memorial card

We have created many of these cards, simply share your details and receive a screen proofs back within a couple of hours.

We produce cards for family members and also through many independent funeral directors. You’ll find many of the funeral chains will charge very high margins for this kind of product, so be careful.

Do you have a very specific design in mind?

You might have a very clear idea of what you would like, thats perfectly fine, just share the detail and wait for your screen proofs.

Our turnaround is very quick, an order received by 8am would see first proofs emailed back by 11am, and following a couple of revisions (you can revise as much as you like) we would print by 12 noon and dispatch same day, you’ll receive next day typically, depending on the courier service.

At the time of writing this article, all designs are created bespoke, though I’m considering create some online editable templates, so watch this space.

Additional Information…

Develop a touching tribute to your adored one by choosing a memorial memory card layout, personalising it along with one-of-a-kind phrasing, and including a photograph. On call in different dimensions, these memorial cards may be actually talented to funeral service participants as a keepsake.

Include a knowledgeable, scripture, estimate, or even anything else you will like to these memorial cards to remind everybody of your loved one. You can include a wonderful photo, as well. They are usually easy to customise, and also our company will not print anything until you are usually totally pleased with your electronic evidence. Every get is lovingly hand-packed and sent off promptly to you.

Memorial memory cards are generally small memory cards that you can provide to mourners going to the funeral service solution. The keepsake postcards record an enduring memory of your liked one, making a touching homage to the deceased. Add a poem or even your own wording to the support of the card to finish the stationery.

We provide a small size choice, which can be laminated, as properly as a larger A6 postcard. You will certainly also be sent thick envelopes. Just top notch materials are often used to make our stationery, making sure you get a gorgeous memento.

Memorial memory cards are actually small, sturdy, laminated memory cards (regarding the dimension of a having fun memory card) that supply a tribute to the deceased. Their make use of is actually not necessarily restricted to funerals. You are going to also locate them distributed at visitations, wakes, memorial services, and also celebrations of daily life.

Memorial memory cards are in fact referred to by a selection of names. They might be actually contacted funeral service cards, memorial memory cards, or even prayer cards. Regardless of what they are in fact phoned, the cards are often preferred as a significant keepsake for those that participate in companies for the deceased. After the funeral, it is popular for people to area all of them in their holy bible or petition book as a suggestion of an enjoyed one shed.

Memorial cards are usually typically religious or even devotional. They will certainly normally attribute an image of the deceased and also an inspirational graphic on the front. The reverse side are going to component a poem, bible, or even short biography of the deceased. While very most memory cards are generally still spiritual, it is actually coming to be more common to find all of them made within secular themes. In truth, you may layout the cards within any kind of fashion you like.

The custom of delivering those participating in a funeral with memorial memory cards developed from the Catholic custom of the petition card. Prayer cards honoured a variety of saints or even scriptural episodes. These memory cards were given at funerals yet they performed certainly not component relevant information relating to a particular individual. As printing came to be much more available and customisation much more affordable, the memory cards were embraced for make use of as a memorial tribute. Ordinary prayer memory cards that are usually unrelated to a funeral service or even memorial can still be discover today. They are often marketed in church present stores and specialised religious shops.

Incredibly, classic memorial memory cards have become collector’s products. Some individuals appreciate them for their images and also meaning while others look for them for make use of in genealogical analysis. You may discover aged memorial memory cards on internet sites just like eBay, in antique shops, and also at trading fairs.

There are in fact many locations to purchase memorial memory cards or even you can make your own. A regional colour printer may carry out all of them for you coming from your layout or even you may generate your own prayer memory cards or memorial cards. Online vendors are going to offer a variety of layouts and customisation choices. Most supply prompt shipping thus that you will definitely get them rapidly.

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