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How does the Funeral process work?

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Web Shareable funeral Order of service

When you have approved your artwork, we create a flip book web version. You can share this online with family and others who might not be able to attend the service.

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We’ll create you something really special. Request ANY flowers or other items to be included.

NO TEMPLATE systems to learn.

Simply share your text and photos and receive your first proofs on email same day (during office hours).

You can upload your own Funeral file in multiple file formats.

We’ll run a 16 point file check on your stationery to ensure the best possible print on our premium grade cards and papers.

Receive your order via next working day courier.

If you need any assistance preparing your files, just reach out on the live chat icon below.

No complicated Funeral templates to struggle with....

Get exactly what you want, without the hassle plus a FREE book of remembrance and presentation box with EVERY order.

No Template Systems

Totally bespoke using our simple process. So, you NEVER have to spend time learning how to use complicated online tools.

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Place your order online, supply photos and the running order (Don't worry, we have a guide to help), and receive first proof back same day within office hours. Need it quicker? Just ask, we don't charge extra for quicker turnarounds.

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We deliver ANYWHERE in the UK, via DPD next working day delivery. That is INCLUDED in the price, and we can even deliver on Saturday and Sunday if you're in a rush.

Artworking Included

Our prices are amongst the most competitive in the UK, all our orders INCLUDE professional bespoke artworking, we help families get exactly what they need.


Service Cards - 4 Sides

Imagine an A4 sheet, printed full colour both sides, creased and folded to A5. Bespoke artworking, and free courier delivery. I can work in lots of photos, typically anywhere from 1 to 5 photos look excellent.


Funeral Order - 8 Sides

When you have lots of photos to include, choose 8 pages or more. Printed with a Luxury 350gsm Silk Cover and matching 160gsm Silk inner paper. Wire stitched and packaged with care. Free courier delivery and bespoke artwork included.

What is the order of service for a burial or cremation ceremony – A leaflet or booklet for the funeral shared with friends, family and other guests at a funeral. The booklet shows the the running order, typically the document will include messages, photographs, hymns they loved and special songs they wanted to include.

The Order of Service should be a celebration of your loved ones life. It’s often kept by the funeral attendees and should be a personal and moving tribute to your loved ones life.

Creating a personalised Order Of Service doesn’t have to be a complicated task though.

We create many funeral order of services each week, and respectfully accept the funeral information, photos and other information and lovingly translate that into a functional clear service keepsake that you and your family will be proud of.

Do I need to learn a complicated Funeral online tool? No, I’ve made the process much simpler. Simply, purchase your order of service online here.

Then, simply share any photos, text, favourite hymns, prayers or even songs and I’ll include these into a beautiful order of service your loved one would be proud of.

I’ll create your funeral document from scratch, I’m quick too. I can include images, and little elements unique to your loved one. For example, many of my clients loved ones were fans of sports clubs or associations, and I’ll locate the clubs badge, motif or crest and include that to reflect the person.

Basically, you can have EXACTLY what you need, NOT what the template system tells you to use. Simply share your text, and I’ll do the rest.

They are printed on luxury Silk service card, and delivery is included in the price you see online, I use a selection of nationwide couriers, on next day delivery services.

My business is focussed purely on this service, so don’t worry if you’ve left things late, or perhaps you’ve been let down by another order supplier? When you place your order, let me know your funeral timescales and I’ll prioritise the delivery of your order of service. You’re in safe hands. We don’t offer Wedding stationery at the moment.

Free funeral order of service templates – We pride ourselves on making the order of service process as simple as possible. That means you DON’T have to struggle creating the project yourself, you DON’T have to learn any complicated online tools, simple share the funeral information with me on email along with any photos you would like to include and receive a screen proof back on email or Whatsapp sameday (6am – 10pm). Reach out with ANY questions on the livechat at the bottom of the website.

Funeral director fees – includes funeral director and funeral directors advice, your chosen funeral director, funeral director premises, prayer previous menu, choice funeral directors, director fees quoted, funeral director care and cards funeral order.

what is a order of service for a funeral ideas
what is a order of service funeral ideas

A fair price, for a beautiful product.

Click Here to order. Simply share your running order and any photos you would like included to design@funeralorderofservice.co.uk and receive screen proofs back within 2-3 hrs. You can request as many edits as needed. Reach out on live chat below if you have any questions.


Bespoke Artwork, Created with Love & Printed With Care
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  • FREE Bespoke Artwork
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • Sameday (Artworking)
  • Printed Sameday or Next Day
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  • Luxury Thick 350gsm Silk Artboard


Bespoke Artwork, Created with Love & Printed With Care
£ 79
  • FREE Bespoke Artwork
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • Sameday (Artworking)
  • Printed Sameday or Next Day
  • FREE Courier Delivery
  • Creased & Folded
  • Luxury Thick 350gsm Silk Artboard


Bespoke Artwork, Created with Love & Printed With Care
£ 68
  • FREE Bespoke Artwork
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • Sameday (Artworking)
  • Prints Sameday or Next Day
  • FREE Courier Delivery
  • Creased & Folded
  • Luxury Thick 350gsm Silk Artboard
Most frequent questions and answers

There is no hard and fast rule for what you should include for the funeral, burial or cremation order of service, but over the years I have created hundreds of funeral orders of service and the following information is a good guide. If you want to add extra information or leave out certain information within the order that’s fine too.

A service order typically will be 4 sides, imagine a sheet of A4 paper, folded in half. P1 is the front cover. P4 is the back cover. Pages P2 and P3 for the inside ‘spread’.

How to write the front side of the funeral document…..

  1. Remembrance Line

Typically, this would be ‘In Loving memory of’ or some people like to use ‘a service in celebration of the life of’ or ‘in remembrance of’ some families like to use ‘a celebration of the life of’

  1. The name of the deceased

As you would imagine, we include the full name in most cases, though not always. Sometimes clients like to include a nickname or special family name for the person who passed.

  1. The date of birth and the date of passing. Typically this would be arranged in the following format for the funeral:

19th July 1938 – 21st April 2020 , some variations on this theme could be:

Sunrise 9th January 1920 – Sunset 15th May 2020

Born 4th June 1949 – Died 19th June 2020

  1. A photo of the deceased

Find a photo that best suits your loved one, there is no fixed rule, it could be a photo from their younger days or a photo of them in their later years.

When I am including the photos in the service sheets, I always include them on the order within a tasteful frame, which really helps to anchor the photo.

  1. The location of the Service, Cremation or Wake

So, this might look like the following:

Salisbury Crematorium Chapel

Thursday 21st May 2020 at 11am


East Devon Crematorium, Whimple

Tuesday 14th July 2020 at 10am

Some families also like to include the name of the person conducting the service. It’s also common for this information to be included within the document.

For example:

Burnley Crematorium

Thursday 4th June 2020 at 3pm

Funeral service conducted by Reverend Anthony Samuels

  1. Consider what theme (if any) you’d like to apply to the hymn sheets or order of service?

Many families like to use specific flowers within their order, like lilies or forget me nots. I’ve had requests for roses in various shades like yellow and white.

Some families like to use themes with special significance, themes like Sports, Sports Teams, Hobbies like Bird Watching, Gardening, Cookery.

There is no right or wrong way, reflecting the person you cherished is very personal thing, you just let me know what objects you’d like to include, I’ll source the images and objects and include those.

That’s all the service information we need for the front page.

How to write the Back (p4) of the sheet…..

There are a few elements that families tend to include on the last side. These are:

  1. Closing Song

This is also referred to as the Exit Song, Exit Music or Music Upon Exit.

  1. A photo of remembrance.

This might be another favourite photo of the families, if your loved one was married or had children, this photo often will feature the husband, wife or children.

  1. Poem or Prayer of remembrance

Sometimes, families like to include a prayer, a scripture from the bible or a meaningful poem.

  1. Thank You

This section is used to say thanks to any family or friends that have offered their support, some examples can look like the following…

“Andrew, Mary, Chris and David would like to thank everyone for all the kind messages of support and sympathy offered to them at this sad time”

Or another funeral option

“Special thanks to those who have supported us in prayer, called, sent flowers & sympathy cards”

Or another funeral option

“The family wish to than friends and Mill St Church for all their support, prayers, cards, flowers and sympathy during this difficult time”

As you would imagine, the thank you can be anything at all, simply an expression of the support you have received at a difficult time

  1. Donations

Around 75% of our designs feature a request for donations. It’s quite common, but it’s entirely your call whether to include this section.

We work with many families who have lost a loved one, after receiving outstanding care within a hospice environment and the families like to encourage their extended family in supporting that hospice.

Some examples of how this request for donations is handled are:

“If anyone would like to donate to ‘organisation name’ in memory of ‘your loved one’ please visit website address.

It’s a good idea to include the logo of the organisation too, subtly and we take care of sourcing the logo and including any justgiving links and details if you have them.

How to write the centre spreads (2&3) …..

So, your funeral celebrant will guide you through what information is needed to include in the order for the service itself.

You can expand on all of these points, add to them, take some away, they are purely a guide to base your service around.

  1. Entrance Hymn or Music on Entrance
  1. Welcome


  1. Opening Prayer
  1. Bible Reading or Poem

See our popular poems for funerals guide

  1. Memories of your loved one
  1. Committal
  1. Prayers of Blessing
  1. Music on Leaving

Music on exit

Because families don’t have a lot of time to plan and create, it’s important you use a company like mine, I will take all the hassle away and because this is my main focus, I’ll be a lower cost than the funeral director.

I’m a firm believer that, your time should not be spent trying to figure out the order and how to use an online creator system, instead, simply share the service information you would like to include, and I’ll return screen proofs same-day.

You can order here, and I’m always on hand to answer questions via email or on the LIVECHAT widget in the bottom right hand corner of the website.creat

It can take a number of different funeral formats. The most popular being a 4 sided service format. To visualise this, just take a sheet of A4 printer paper and fold it in half. That’s a 4 side order format.

Our orders of service are printed onto heavy 350gsm silk card, and they are creased and then folded using our professional finishing equipment. We print both sides of the service sheets in full colour, so if you would like to have photos on both sides or all sections they’ll look great.

We also offer a booklet style too. The numbers for these are always in multiples of 4, so a booklet would start at 8, 12, 16 and 20 pages so on and so on.

The covers are printed with thick 350gsm silk card, and we print the inner order pages on a complimenting silk paper, slightly thinner to work nicely with the thick cover. The spine of the booklet is pre creased to avoid cracking and the booklets are wire stitched, or stapled for durability.

Our service booklets are printed in full colour and take slightly longer to produce and print than the 4 page funeral versions, so please allow a little longer for production. Just ask when you are ready to order, I’ll guide you re: timescales and getting your order of service delivered in time for your loved ones funeral event.

You can view our full range of booklets here, just click on the BASE style you like, and choose your number of sides and quantity needed, you can generate an instant price.

It’s a guide to be used at your loved one’s funeral service. Typically, it’s a printed funeral guide and lays out the running order for the service.

Depending on your requirements, the order of service contains prayers, poems, messages of remembrance and hymns that should be included in the service hymn sheet.

The order document is a memento for the family and friends, it’s a moment in time for personal tributes and memories of the service to be shared.

It is traditional for a collection of pictures of the deceased to be included on various pages throughout the order of service.

We can share examples of our designs, we’ve created lots of order of service for families all over the UK, and each one of them is different and bespoke.

You don’t need to learn any complicated online template systems, instead we simply collect the order information you would like to include, and share back proofs via email and refine until you are content.

Lots of printers will share service templates, but you need to have a high level of skill to put them together, it can take a lot of time and this might not be suitable for you, so I’d encourage you to look over my pricing, its often much lower than the competition.

Just share your order photos and the running order, receive proofs same-day and I’ll take all the hassle out the process, creating you something beautiful to act as a memento of the day


Yes! You can prepare your own, and even print the order document yourself. It’s not unreasonable either, and if you are on a really tight budget its worthwhile looking into printing it yourself.

Did you know, the average cost per 100 copies is £162, which in my opinion is rather high. Some suppliers will even charge as much as £220 per 100 copies, so I can understand completely why some people would be thinking about making their own funeral service sheets.

When I started this business, I wanted to offer a very reasonable price point and my order price per 100 copies is £79, arguably a better quality product than many of the top service suppliers in the UK.

I also offer a highly personalised design service too. What does that actually mean?

Well, most of the funeral suppliers in the UK, put the design burden on YOUR shoulders, so you will have to log into their websites, prepare the artwork for print and spend your evenings and weekends creating the order!

From experience, this is often at a time when the bereaved, family and friends are under a lot of pressure, and with everything going on with the social situation those pressures are amplified even further.

So, my service takes that burden away from the client, they simply supply the photos, and running order for the service sheets and a couple hours later receive back screen proofs on email.

They can review the service sheet proofs and suggest order changes, which are made by me and then shared back on email for review.

Planning can be a daunting task, but relax, this guide will share some useful pointers to help.

You can request samples on LIVE CHAT, just click on the link at the bottom of the website and I’ll email over some examples. You can look over the funeral hymn sheets, the orders of service and take inspiration from the ideas.

In the meantime, to give you some ideas this is a very brief guide to the section headings typically used:

Wording For the Front Cover


  1. Remembrance Line
  1. The name of your loved one
  1. The date of birth and the date of passing.
  1. A photo of the loved one
  1. The location of the Funeral, Service, Cremation or Wake
  1. Consider what theme you would like the order of service to be based around.

So, do you want a particular type of flower, sporting icon, gardening, wildlife, country or place referenced.

Wording for the Inner section


  1. Entrance Hymn or Music on Entrance
  1. Welcome & Introduction


  1. Opening Prayer
  1. Bible Reading or Poem

See our popular poems for funerals guide


  1. Memories of your loved one
  1. Committal
  1. Prayers of Blessing
  1. Music on Leaving

Music on exit


Wording for the Back


  1. Closing Song
  1. A photo of remembrance.
  1. Poem or Prayer of remembrance
  1. Thank You
  1. Donations

It’s likely you know who Vistaprint are. You might even be thinking of using Vistaprint.

Buying from Vistaprint can be an expensive choice, and because they don’t include done for you design you’ll either have to build using their online tool, likely meaning you won’t get exactly what you need.

Or, you can use their design services and pay extra on top of the high prices.

Based on the time of checking August 2020, it will cost the following to buy from Vistaprint:

X 100 Copies (Folded Leaflet)

Printed on 250gsm Silk Art Card

£82.06 (That’s only for the printing)


If you would like the print delivering in a timely manner (2 working days)

That’ll cost you an extra £9.99


And, if you would like them to design the order too

That’ll cost you an extra £24


Total cost for 100 from Vistaprint


Compare that to my offering.

You get super high quality 350gsm Card.

You get 1 day faster on the delivery (I’ll deliver via courier in 1 working day)

You get 5 star rated highly personalised design included

No hidden extras

100 Copies for just £79

People often choose Vistaprint or the other big name suppliers, because they are so well known, they spend such a lot of money advertising online and through the television, but all that marketing means you’ll end up paying much more for your printing in the long run

Thankfully, in the UK consumers are not short of suppliers to choose from for their order of service printing and design. However, prices and quality will vary wildly.

Many of the UK funeral suppliers, will ‘top load’ their prices because the product is used for funeral purposes, this is what takes the UK average cost per 100 copies to £162 (see my article where I compare the top UK suppliers) versus our lower prices, without the ‘top loading’ of profit margin.

I design and print for every single location in the UK, and I’m working with families all over the country on a day to day basis. This is a link to a list of locations in the UK we work with all the time, don’t worry if you don’t see you location there, I will still be able to produce for you too.

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