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funeral order of service designs
Funeral Order Of Service
funeral order of service design

Tim Thompson (Owner, Printer, Designer)

Tim Thompson owner of www.funeralorderofservice.co.uk has over 20 years’ experience in the printing industry.

Having run his own lithographic and digital printing business Sense Creative he’s built up lots of valuable experience in doing a great job printing and designing funeral orders of service.

I’ve had hands on experience with almost every aspect of printing and design, from running the printing presses, operating the guillotines, manhandling the folding kit and of course designing artwork ensuring it looks great when printed.

Printing and design gets in your blood, it’s engrained in me and I just love it.Over these last 5 years, I’ve split my time between working in the industry for a large multinational printer www.tradeprint.co.uk in a business development role and I launched a graphic design business, putting really great design into the hands of small businesses, who often struggle to find great design for print at an affordable price.

I was always moved by the work we carried out within my own printing business in Darlington, and I was always keenly aware that clients who have suffered a loss, need to be treated with an extra level of care and tact.

We were always moved by the customers gestures of thanks for taking extra care with their orders, in every circumstance I would ensure a client was never let down, even if that meant me working through the night to finish designs to hit the next days printing run.

When I considered moving back into a production role, I realised I had a lot to offer in the area of funeral order of service design and print, I could harness my understanding of the printing process to bring the cost down, and importantly offer a ‘done for you’ design service, I try to save my clients from the hassle of online design tools where possible.

These days, my time is split between general graphic design for funeral directors and creating funeral orders of service for clients all over the UK.

A great price, for a top quality product...

There aren’t many things that get cheaper to produce as the years roll on, but interestingly, print is definitely one of those items.

Way back when I was running my printing business in Darlington, things were very different indeed.

At the time, I was running 2 litho presses (They are big, expensive and tricky to run), employing 15 staff and had all kinds of digital printing and finishing kit, housed within 3 industrial units, so our overheads were very high and this was reflected in our order of service sales price.

These days, because my overheads are much lower.

The digital printing equipment is much cheaper than it was 15 years ago, and the quality has improved dramatically. To give you an indication, the digital press I was using back then cost me over £200,000 and these days a better spec digital press will cost around £25,000 which makes a huge different to the overhead on the business.

Factor in, my experience with automation, selling online and building websites that do all the admin work, and it’s resulted in vastly reduced production costs.

I’m able to transfer those savings to my clients and it’s one of the reasons www.funeralorderofservice.co.uk offers the best prices UK wide on funeral order of service printing and design.

Very few suppliers can even get close, and you’ll find you’ll be paying as much as 85% more.

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Tim Thompson in the PRESS

I’ve been involved in the printing business for longer than I’d care to remember now. I’ve included some links to some of the highlights, not to brag, but to offer some reassurance about my nerd like printing credentials.

Worlds First!

Installation of SPOT UV Inkjet machine from Autobond

We were the proud recipients and guinea pigs for a new SPOT UV process. We used this machine to build out more business card customers, and I used the special effect to grow our customer base and e-commerce solution.

Tim Thompson ECommerce for Printers

During my time at Sense Creative, we launched ecommerce platforms to help other printers sell their products online.

ThatPrintThing for Funeral Order of Service

Helping local printers was always a passion. ThatPrintThing was the e-commerce system we built to help other printers get online
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Flyer Printing, ANY SHAPE!

We did some crazy things back at Sense Creative. This investment back in 2012 meant we could cut almost any print product to any shape, no expensive tooling required. Very cool.

Different approach

I've always tried to carry that same ethos into each business since. These days, I've lowered the cost of funeral orders of service for everyone in the UK.
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Litho Investments

Second Ryobi lithographic press investment

In my old business, if you didn’t keep investing, you would fast get left behind. That does pose a challenge though for many printers, growing overheads and prices reducing online made the commercial printing sector very challenging.

Tim Thompson Launches flipbooks

After leaving Tradeprint, I setup a flip-book service to help customers share their booklets and flyers online for free.

Share your Funeral Order Of Service Online

Helping local printers was always a passion. ThatPrintThing was the e-commerce system we built to help other printers get online
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Faster Cutting

Back in the old days, we invested in some amazing automation. This machine helped us produce hundreds of orders per day, with 1 member of staff

Low Overhead

Where possible, we always tried to use automation to lower our production overheads. Lower costs, meant lower prices for the clients.
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Photonic Prints

New state of the art photo printing

This has to be one of the wildest investments we made. Back in 2014, we branched into super-wide hardcover photo-book printing, high end books for photographers. Amazing technology.

Lamination Success

Fully automated laminating and SPOT UV embellishment inline. We used to produce some amazing business cards back then.

SPOT UV Printing

Investing in the Autobond laminator and inline spot uv process meant we could create some really beautiful effects for things like Funeral order of service printing.
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SPOT UV Pioneers

We made some scary investments back in 2012 and this new tech was a seat of your pants investment. Unproven it was, our customers loved it.

UV For All

We bought the cost associated with producing SPOT UV right down, we changed the market you could say. These days UV us an integral offer for most printing companies.
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