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How to write a funeral order of service

Planning a funeral order of service can be a daunting task.

Thankfully, its not a document that you’ll need to be creating.

I put this guide together to help you.

The guide below, details what is typically included on the FRONT and BACK cover and the INSIDE pages of the order of service.

The order of service is a treasured memento, so much more than just the funeral service running order and a collection of hymns and poems.

There are lots of names for these documents (order of service, funeral stationery, service booklets and many more too). The funeral order of service booklet is something you can treasure as a keepsake.

Loved ones that might not be present on the day can keep the tribute, so I hope this guide helps you create a memento of the memorial service.

From experience families comment on how they treasure the order of service for years after the day of the funeral, so it’s worth spending a little time planning out the content.

No person is the same, and so this guide will help you create something really unique a memory of your loved one’s life and the funeral service.

Selecting the design or template

funeral order of service style 1
you can choose from 26 different types of service booklet

Elements can be swapped from each of the base designs, but choose one style to start the process. My designs feature different flower styles, frame types and some allow for more or less photos.

The style of the service design will compliment the nature of your loved one.

What if you want something bespoke?

I have lots of design templates, they are based on a number of themes like seasons, flowers and colours. I’m a professional designer, and these designs have been crafted to showcase your details perfectly.

You don't have to use an online design tool either!

Don’t worry, you don’t have to learn a complicated online design tool, just choose a base style and share the text and photos you would like to include, receive screen proofs within 2-3 hrs (quicker if you’re in a hurry). All our designs are bespoke, because your loved one was a one of a kind.

funeral order of service template for pages

Order of service booklet - The front page

  • The front page of the order of service contains the personal details You don’t have to include all this information, but here is the usual arrangement
  • The deceased’s full name
  • A photo (if you need any editing, just ask I don’t charge extra to tidy up, crop or remove items from the photograph)
  • Next under the name we include the dates for example (birth date 12th August 1929) and the date of passing (17th March 2005)
  • Location and time and date of the service (Mansfield Crematorium, Friday 12th May 2021 at 1pm)
  • A brief introduction or anecdote, epitaph or a short message.
  • The main photo of your loved one

Reach out to your friends and family, gather all the photos and choose a suitable photo for the front page.

The best photos, will feature mainly your loved one it might be a past photo or a more recent image. I can crop the photo to suit, edit out elements you might want removing, just ask.

The main photo on the front cover can reflect the character of the person’s life, serious or fun loving side? A special memorable time for example? You might have lots of photos you want to include, don’t worry you can include lots of different photos throughout the order of service.

Funeral Service

If you are scanning any colour photos, group photo or black and white images please use the best setting, typically 300dpi. These days families often have the photos on mobile or social media and families often share their images with me using my WhatsApp account.

Before the photos are used in the design, I’ll run some software to increase their quality and ensure the best possible print.

Remember, the photo you want to use on the front cover is down to your personal preference.

The service booklet inner pages

Most families only need two pages for the inside section, but some services will contain a lot more information and I can design and print up to 16 pages for the inner section.

You can request extra pages for your order of service booklet.

I can creatively arrange the photos around the inner pages, thats the benefit of NOT using a template system.

It’s worth saying that you can have as many pages for your funeral stationery as you need.

Photos within the funeral order

Most of the online tools really struggle to add in extra photos effectively. Just like your loved one, there is not right or wrong way to plan the ceremony, its a personal choice.

The member of the clergy or the funeral celebrant will help you plan out the funeral, they will often detail what you should include. The amount of information they supply will often inform how many pages you’ll need.

You might not have a person conducting the service, so you are very welcome to use the following guide as a base for your funeral.

Funeral Order Of Service Example

  • Welcome Words / Introduction
  • Poem, Prayer or Hymn
  • Bible Reading
  • Remembering ‘your loved one’. Informal tributes.
  • Special memories or Eulogy. Fitting tribute.
  • Bible Verse, Prayer, Hymn or Poem
  • Commendation / Goodby or Farewell
  • Committal
  • Closing words and blessing from the person leading the service.
  • Music to leave or Exit Music ( closing music)

Order of service booklet, Back page

Typically a nice photo for the final page or a collection of photos. Lots of families will include a photo of your loved one with their partner, the family as a whole or doing something they loved, their favourite memories from days gone by.

the back page can include more details like donations for a specific charity.

The back page is where the ‘Thank you’ text will be written. You don’t have to thank everyone individually, but it’s nice to write a few lines about the support you have received.

Donations detail..

Typically under the thank you, I would mention any ‘Donations’ , this could be for a charity of significance to your loved one, it might be the hospice they spend some time in or a group that played an important part in their life.

It’s always useful to have a guide, so I hope the following is useful. This is some text from the last page, copy and adjust as you need to.

Funeral Order Of Service Examples

Below is just a small selection of some of our funeral order of service designs. Our price INCLUDES design, so that means you don’t have to learn any online design systems, just share your information and receive your first proof back on email or whatsapp within a few hours, I’ll revise and adjust until you have exactly what you need.

Here is a small selection of the designs available

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funeral invitations memorial

Memorial Service

When we supply your funeral orders, you’ll receive a unique commemoration. We supply a book of remembrance which acts as a lasting memory, a physical reminder. The book is spiral bound and we’ve received lots of comments from family members.

The book of remembrance is actually supplied with ALL orders on this website. 

Now for the printing!

Thats the order of service planned out, now choose a printer. Look out for the following:

1. Card should be 350gsm (it’ll last and be a keepsake you can return to). This is a lasting keepsake.

2. Choose a printer that will design your order of service (we do, its all included)

3. Make sure your printer uses a professional courier (like DPD on a 12noon service) we do! A professional printer will ensure your funeral order of service booklets are creased first (to avoid cracking on the spine), then they will make sure to fold them before carefully packing reach for the courier. Thats exactly how I do it.

My print quality is super high definition, 1200 dpi and full colour. I optimise photos to ensure they print at their very best, this is all INCLUDED in my pricing, never any hidden extras.

Some extra information about design...

I get lots of bespoke requests from families. You might want to use a specific flower in the design, or record a very specific memory that your loved one treasured, just let me know the information and I’ll do my very best to find some imagery that’ll do that request and the family justice.

When planning out your written version, here are a few headings that can spark some ideas… Celebrated life, warmly invited, warm wishes, many benefits, distant friends, attending today, local company, booklet years, remembered person, family, funeral order of service, service online, funeral, family

funeral order of service template

Some supplier information...

My name is Tim Thompson from and I’ll build you something beautiful, with the minimum of fuss. I have over 30 years experience, and have worked with many families over the years. I’m proud to offer a very personalised high quality service at a fraction of the cost of the other online offerings.

Your order will be dispatched using DPD the professional courier, on next working day delivery. I use a 12noon service to ensure families have a very distinct window for delivery. below are some links to

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From time to time families will share their experience, please take a moment to view the funeral order of service printing reviews on Trustpilot.

Also we have lots of customer feedback on this google listing, please take a moment to view the funeral booklet reviews.

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