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Green Blue Memory Board

The Green Blue Memory Board seamlessly blends the tranquillity of blue with the renewal qualities of green, creating a visually soothing and emotionally uplifting tribute. This board is an ideal choice for commemorating a life that was deeply connected to tranquillity, growth, and harmony, reflected through the chosen palette that combines the calmness of the sea and the vibrancy of nature.

Available in A4, A3, A2, and A1 sizes, the Green Blue Memory Board fits perfectly into a range of memorial settings, from intimate private viewings to larger public ceremonies. The harmonious blend of greens and blues not only offers a peaceful visual effect but also helps to evoke a sense of ongoing life and connectedness, comforting those in mourning with the reminder of the natural cycle of life.

This board is meticulously printed to ensure the colours remain vivid and impactful, capturing the essence of both hues’ therapeutic properties. Green is known for its ability to ease anxiety and promote peace, while blue is celebrated for its soothing effects on the mind and body, making their combination on this board a powerful tool for aiding in grief and reflection.

Customisation on the Green Blue Memory Board is straightforward and accessible via an online platform, allowing families and friends to add personal elements such as photographs, favourite quotes, or meaningful dates. This personal touch transforms the board from a simple memorial item into a deeply personal and reflective piece, celebrating the unique aspects of the deceased’s life and personality.

Moreover, the use of green and blue not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also symbolizes the depth and richness of the life being remembered. It encourages attendees to recall and share stories of growth, peace, and the joyous moments spent with their loved one, fostering a communal healing atmosphere.

The Green Blue Memory Board stands as a poignant and beautiful expression of remembrance, providing a subtle yet powerful backdrop that resonates emotionally and spiritually with those gathered to pay tribute.

Our Green Blue Memory Board also known as memorial boards or remembrance boards, are a beautiful and meaningful way to honour the memory of a loved one who has passed away.

Our Green Blue Memory Boards typically displays on a table or are placed on a display easel and features photos, mementos, and other memorabilia that represent the life of the deceased.

The Green Blue Memory Board design can be customised to reflect the personality, hobbies, and interests of the departed, creating a unique and personalised tribute.

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Funeral Order of Service