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Butterfly Greens Memory Board

The Butterfly Greens Memory Board is a vivid and refreshing tribute that combines the soothing qualities of green with the delicate beauty of butterfly imagery. This design is perfect for celebrating a life that was vibrant and full of energy, using the symbol of the butterfly to represent transformation and the ongoing journey of the soul. The use of various shades of green evokes a sense of renewal and continuity, reflecting the natural cycle of life and the serene landscapes that provide comfort and solace.

Available in A4, A3, A2, and A1 sizes, the Butterfly Greens Memory Board is versatile enough to be an appropriate addition to any memorial setting, from personal and intimate spaces to larger public venues. The lively greens create a background that is both calming and invigorating, helping to uplift spirits and foster a positive atmosphere during the service.

The board employs state-of-the-art printing technology to ensure that every detail of the butterfly designs and the green hues are captured with clarity and vibrancy. This attention to quality enhances the visual impact of the board, making it not only a memorial piece but also a celebration of life through art. The butterflies appear almost lifelike, fluttering across the board, their movement symbolic of freedom and the spirit’s resilience.

Personalisation is facilitated through an easy-to-use online interface, allowing families to add their chosen photographs, select poignant quotes, and craft personal messages. This customisation makes the Butterfly Greens Memory Board a deeply personal and reflective tribute, uniquely tailored to honour the individuality of the deceased and the memories cherished by those they touched.

Additionally, the choice of green, a colour often associated with growth, peace, and rebirth, complements the butterfly motif beautifully, reinforcing themes of transformation and renewal. This combination can be particularly comforting to those mourning, offering a visual reminder of life’s perpetual flow and the spiritual journey beyond physical existence.

The Butterfly Greens Memory Board, with its harmonious blend of colour and symbolism, serves as a heartfelt and hopeful homage to a loved one, enhancing the memorial experience with its beauty and the profound messages it conveys.

Our Butterfly Greens Memory Board also known as memorial boards or remembrance boards, are a beautiful and meaningful way to honour the memory of a loved one who has passed away.

Our Butterfly Greens Memory Boards typically displays on a table or are placed on a display easel and features photos, mementos, and other memorabilia that represent the life of the deceased.

The Butterfly Greens Memory Board design can be customised to reflect the personality, hobbies, and interests of the departed, creating a unique and personalised tribute.

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Funeral Order of Service