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2.8.4 Colourful Dream Scene Order of Service

At this deeply personal and significant moment, our 2.8.4 Colourful Dream Scene funeral order of service booklets provide a beautiful and dignified way to honour the memory of your loved one.
Printed with meticulous attention to detail on the finest FSC-certified sustainable card and paper, each 2.8.4 Colourful Dream Scene booklet captures the essence of remembrance through its pristine quality and full-colour presentation.

The “Colourful Dream Scene” funeral order of service design transports attendees into a vivid and ethereal landscape, capturing the imagination and spirit of the departed. Its cover features a beautifully surreal composition, where dreamlike elements—floating balloons, whimsical clouds, and a spectrum of softly blending colours—create a tranquil yet vibrant scene. This representation of a dreamworld is not only a celebration of the loved one’s creativity and passion for life but also a comforting reminder of the beauty and peace they’ve found. Their name and lifespan are delicately woven into this dreamscape, serving as a poignant focal point amidst the serenity.

Inside, the theme continues with elegance and subtlety, with each page accented by elements of the dream scene in softer tones. These motifs provide a cohesive backdrop to the service details, enveloping the words of remembrance, readings, and hymns in an atmosphere of gentle wonder. The layout is carefully crafted to balance the vividness of the dream imagery with the clarity of the ceremony’s structure, ensuring a seamless experience for attendees. Typography is chosen for its readability and its ability to harmonize with the overall aesthetic, enhancing the dreamlike quality while keeping the focus on the tribute.

The “Colourful Dream Scene” design is a deeply moving and visually stunning way to say farewell, offering a unique perspective on the journey beyond. It serves as a heartfelt homage to a soul whose life was a tapestry of vivid dreams and colourful realities, inviting those present to celebrate a spirit that danced in the light of imagination and wonder.

Available in a variety of formats, from simple folded cards to comprehensive 20-page booklets, we offer our 2.8.4 Colourful Dream Scene Order of Services in quantities ranging from 10 to 250 copies, ensuring that all who gather to pay their respects will have a cherished keepsake.
Whether you are planning ahead or find yourself in need of a quick solution due to unforeseen circumstances, our team is committed to providing a fast turnaround on your 2.8.4 Colourful Dream Scene Order of Service.

If you’ve been let down by your current supplier, please reach out to us; we are always keen to lend a hand and see how we can help.

4 Pages Creased & Folded (Like a greeting card)

Printed on luxury 350gsm Silk Art board
Creased and folded for a beautiful finish.
Full Colour
142.5mm x 198mm FINISHED SIZE (LIKE A5)

8 Pages and above (Booklets)

Printed covers on luxury 350gsm Silk Art board
Creased and folded for a beautiful finish.
Matching 160gsm Silk inner pages
Stitched (Stapled) and trimmed size.
142.5mm x 198mm FINISHED SIZE (LIKE A5)

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Funeral Order of Service