Funeral Order of Service

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10.3 Seascape 2 - Funeral Order of Service

The “High Seas” funeral order of service design captures the spirit of adventure and the majestic beauty of the ocean. Its cover features a striking image of the sea in its vast, untamed glory, with waves cresting under a canopy of stormy skies, symbolising a journey’s end and the passage into the beyond. The name and lifespan of the departed are elegantly inscribed atop this powerful seascape, suggesting a life lived with bravery and a profound connection to the sea.

Inside, the service details are presented against backgrounds that echo the ocean’s hues—deep blues and soft whites, reminiscent of sea foam and waves. The layout is clean and straightforward, guiding attendees through the service with titles in crisp, nautical fonts and body text that’s easy to follow. Symbolic elements like compasses or lighthouses may subtly adorn the pages, reinforcing the theme of guidance and return.

This design invites reflection on a life that embraced adventure, mirrored in the eternal ebb and flow of the high seas, offering a poignant backdrop to bid farewell to a loved one who was at home amidst the waves.

Funeral Order of Service