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1.1.3 Sunset 2 - Funeral Order of Service

The “Sunset Vision 2” funeral order of service design offers a tranquil and reflective homage to the departed, drawing upon the soft, fading light of dusk. Its cover is adorned with a watercolour depiction of a late evening sky, where gentle gradients of lavender, peach, and cool blues merge into the horizon, symbolising the peaceful transition from life to the beyond. The subtle beauty of this scene provides a backdrop of calm and contemplation, with the loved one’s name and dates artfully inscribed as if part of the sunset itself, inviting a moment of quiet reflection on the day’s end and the promise of dawn.

Inside, the sunset theme gracefully continues, with design elements that mirror the tranquillity and colour palette of the exterior. Soft touches of the dusk sky accentuate the pages, lending a cohesive and serene atmosphere to the service’s details. This ensures that the essence of reflection and the beauty of life’s close is woven throughout the ceremony, enhancing the readings and personal tributes with a sense of closure and hope. The layout is clear and accessible, with typography selected for its ability to complement the gentle and reflective nature of the sunset, providing a comforting journey through the service.

“Sunset Vision 2” presents a dignified and soothing framework for the funeral service, creating a space where the ephemeral beauty of sunset invites those gathered to remember and honour a life that has come to its natural and beautiful conclusion, making it a profoundly touching and memorable tribute.

Funeral Order of Service