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Funeral Order of Service Template

Maybe you don’t need a funeral order of service template after all? I offer a done for you design service, that costs a fraction of the other suppliers. I’ve put this article together, all about our design process, and how we can take the stress out of creating your loved ones funeral order of service.

Some Funeral Order of Service websites offer an online design funeral service template system. This means that you can choose from a number of templates, update photos and text and tinker round with the elements and send a job to print.

This kind of online design system, saves the printer a tonne of time and effort, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

Here at Funeralorderofservice.co.uk we do things a little different. We don’t have an online template based designer for our funeral services, and we think there are lots of great reasons why we don’t.

In a nutshell, we are able to offer our customers, faster turnarounds, more flexibility, a cheaper price and because a trained graphic designer is creating your funeral order of service, you get a real human brain with all the care that offers looking after your dearly departed order of service. I think that is really important.

You might not get what you want using an online design tool for your funeral order of service, and it might take you a lot longer to create than you realise.

The following article outlines why I create all the designs bespoke, and why I think that funeral order of service design and printing is best handled with a qualified designer on tap (that’d be me of course).

When Funeral Order Of Service launched, I looked around at the competition and wondered if I should be offering an online design system, some kind of template based online designer for the bereaved to use.

These days, it seems like every business online puts the responsibility of designing into the hands of the customer, and normally I think this is a good idea for really basic designs.

I feel like I made the right decision NOT to offer an online design tool to my customers

Tim Thompson

But, over the recent months and weeks I really feel like I made the right decision NOT to offer an online design too to my customers.

Here’s Why?

Well, as a country we’re really going through a traumatic time at the moment, I’m writing this during the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020, and so many of my customers are facing very unusual times and stressful situations.

When I speak with my clients, and explain that they DON’T have to design the funeral order of service themselves, AND I don’t charge expensive fees for putting the design together they are really surprised and grateful.

You see, I understand that they have so much going on with the lockdown, the loss of a loved one, the difficult restrictions about contact and number of people that can attend, and I’m confident I can design something really beautiful that will in some small way serve as a reminder for the day.

I basically save my clients having to learn how to use an online design tool, when they have so much else going on in their world, this is just one more thing that you shouldn’t have to be dealing with.

Going the extra mile

A recent customer had lost their elderly father and the 3 sons and 1 daughter wanted to include some really lovely images of their Dad, at various stages through his life.

There were more images than usual, and I found a really effective way to include these photos on the 4 page funeral order of service, whilst keeping the funeral service information really clear at the same time.

These aren’t the photos I included on the funeral order of service, but I’ve put together some examples of how images can be included on a job using frames, there are so many options I can choose from, from ornate frames, to classic to very modern.

I go the extra mile to make sure your loved ones photos look their best. Showing them, inside different styles of frames is a really beautiful way to increase their impact.

You see, online design tools are designed for basic designs, and not really designed to help families get EXACTLY what they want, I’m so proud to offer my customers what they want every time.

One of my clients was a big Newcastle United Football Fan, the family really wanted the football clubs logo working into the ‘special thanks’ section on the back page.

They didn’t need to find the right logo image, and they didn’t need to make sure the correct resolution was used, they simply told me what they wanted and I used my design skills to make it happen.

What if you need some corrections to your photos?

When you upload photos to an funeral service online design tool, the system has no way of doing manual corrections to the photos, so if you need a picture of your loved one cropping in a very unusual way, or you need some scratches editing in photoshop you’re totally out of luck.

I offer a photo correction service, as part of the process. So, if you have any images you’d like to use, but there are elements that just don’t look right, let me know and I’ll fix them.

Example of fixing scratches and removing items from the background of your loved ones photos

A good example being, a client based over in Northallerton had a photo of her father, she loved this image but in the top right of the image was a imposing ‘fire exit’ sign, and she figured the photo would look better on the funeral order of service if the element was removed in photoshop.

I agreed, and got to work importing the photo into photoshop, and carefully removed the item, replacing the background, saving a new corrected photo to use on her funeral order of service design.

My client was really happy, and the final order of service design looked so much better. I get a real thrill from helping my customers, and it’s one of the reasons I’m so passionate about making sure funeral order of service clients get what they want, and not what the template systems serve up.

It’s quicker using funeral order of service templates!

Some clients think it will be quicker to get their item designed using a template based system, and I’m always pleased to showcase my fast turnaround service.

The very nature of funeral order of service design means that everything needs to be done on very tight deadlines and printing turnaround times.

My latest order, was received on Thursday at approximately 3pm on the afternoon, the client downloaded the ‘what information is needed document’ and put together a simple email containing the relevant information I’d need to put the funeral order of service design together.

First draft within a few hours…..

The client emailed over the completed information at around 6pm in the evening, along with some photos of their loved one. I put the design together, and created the first draft screen proof and emailed that over by 10pm the same night.

The client was over the moon with the design and the turnaround, and when I logged in to check for customer feedback, at around 6am the following morning, feedback was received and all my updates and adjustments were made.

By 9am the following Friday, the client had received their next screen proof and happily signed off and approved their funeral order of service for printing.

Bespoke funeral order of service design is the way forward….

The customer got a bespoke design, they used the images they wanted, they had confidence that the final printed job would be perfect and not dependent on THEIR design skills and technical ability using an online design tool.

My customer got a beautiful funeral order of service designed and printed within record time and with as little stress as possible, at a very difficult time.

For my part, I get to help families all over the UK at difficult times in their lives, and it’s one of the reasons I’m so pleased to be able to help and why I continue doing what I do.

Can you afford bespoke funeral order of service design?

Yes, I know what you’re thinking. Bespoke funeral order of service design sounds like a good idea, but it’s going to cost a LOT more than using the template systems, where you do all the work?

Well, I hope you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you realise, I’m actually a lot cheaper than the competition. You see, although their online design tools aren’t cheap to build, and they pay hundreds of pounds a month to development companies and software houses to maintain these tools.

All that cost, means that they typically can’t offer the same great deals on printing and design that I do.

I learnt over the last 20 years involved in the printing and design trade, that controlling your overheads, and keeping costs LOW, can help the smaller firms compete and WIN against the bigger online template based competitors.

Using the simple formula, of keeping my production costs low, using the best silk artboard, printing on the fastest turnaround, NOT charging extra for delivery with next day couriers and offering a top class graphic design service means I CAN compete with the bigger online template based funeral order of service printers, and WIN.

I’m always surprised at just how much some of the online printers charge for their funeral order of service design and print, I put together this price and service comparison here, I’ll be keeping the prices updated, please take a moment to view, it does make for an interesting read.

In summary, bespoke doesn’t have to cost a packet

I’m proud to offer a really great bespoke service, you WON’T have to pour over an online design template based system creating your funeral order of service and you WILL get a great deal on the printing too.

You’ll get exactly what you want, and not what the template system tells you to have.

You’ll get photo correction by a skilled photoshop user.

And, I won’t charge you extra to have the funeral order of service delivered using an outstanding courier, we use DPD because time and time again they have proved to be the BEST courier in the UK, and offer fantastic tracking options for my clients.

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