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What are Attendance cards?

Funeral Attendance Cards

When losing a loved one, planning a suitable funeral service is always important to make sure the memorial is perfect. Unfortunately, you may not be in the correct headspace to recount who is in attendance or to thank people for attending the funeral you have planned. 

That’s why funeral attendance cards serve as an easy and stress-reducing way to keep a record of who was in attendance at the funeral so that you may thank them when you are ready to do so.

As well as acting as a non-intrusive way to record and thank the attendees of your loved one’s service, funeral attendance cards also act as a good keepsake for the memorial, which the funeral arrangers often keep for their sentimental value. Here are some key details about funeral attendance cards and how to order them:

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What is an Attendance Card at a Funeral?

Funeral attendance cards are sheets that are handed out during the memorial service for people to fill in. On the card, those in attendance can fill in details of their visit, including their name, address and number or email, as well as any message they may wish to leave. 

The attendees will leave the attendance cards at the back of the room for collection after the service. This way, you can focus on mourning during the funeral and thank people at a later date when you feel comfortable. 

Funeral attendance cards come in the form of an A6 sheet of paper which will be comprised of the deceased person’s name and date of the service as the title. Underneath this will be a message which tells those in attendance that the family would greatly appreciate them to let them know about the attendee’s presence. 

Underneath this is space for the attendees to fill out their names, addresses, and message. This way, you can keep track of who was in attendance at the funeral and send them a letter later to thank them for their arrival. 

As well as being used to keep track of attendance, funeral attendance cards also serve as a keepsake of the memorial service. Many of our clients have found solace in keeping funeral attendance cards, as they act as a reminder of all the people that share the loss of your deceased loved one. 

Our funeral attendance cards are also a great way to keep in touch with anyone who attended the funeral, should you want to reminisce or catch up with them in the future. 

We know how difficult it can be to plan something as complex as a funeral memorial service during a grieving period. That’s why we have tried to make it as easy as possible for you to find and order the perfect funeral service cards. 

If you’re looking for a keepsake of your memorial service and to keep track of attendance at your funeral in an easy and non-intrusive way, then our funeral attendance cards are certain to satisfy your needs. 

Take a look at our 70+ base styles and customisable options to find the funeral stationery supplies which best reflect the tone of the funeral for your deceased loved one. 

Our Funeral Attendees Cards are Made to Order for Customer Needs

Here at funeralorderofservice.co.uk, we offer over 60 base styles of funeral attendance cards so that you can pick out the perfect custom order for your memorial service. In addition, you can choose from various fonts, graphics, and images to make your funeral attendance cards reflect the tone of your service perfectly. 

Our traditional range of funeral stationery includes templates for funeral attendance cards which have been tried and tested at memorial services to a great response. However, if you are looking for a simple and subtle card which serves as a gentle nudge to those in attendance to fill out their details for use at a later date, there are plenty of templates which will be suitable for your memorial. 

Our traditional templates are stripped back with un intrusive fonts and graphics. You have the option to choose between putting a picture of your loved one on the card or not, and you can decide if you would like any decoration on the borders of the card. 

If your funeral requires a more contemporary theme, our templates also include funeral attendance cards which are sleek and modern. These will generally be simple cards with a splash of colour to bring some brightness to the designs, with the necessary details in the middle of the cards.

Our attendance cards are also adaptable to any religious or spiritual needs. We offer a range of graphics that can be placed on the cards, which are suitable for Christians, Muslims, and a range of other faiths. We also offer graphics on the cards which are areligious, such as flowers, candles, and other commemorative imagery. 

As well as this, we also offer a variety of different paper weights and laminations to your design so that you can make sure your attendance cards feel high-quality and up to the standard your planned memorial deserves. 


How to Order our Funeral Attendance Cards

If you are looking to place an order for our funeral attendance cards, first browse our site to see the variety of attendance card templates we have to offer. Once you have found a design that is suitable for your needs, submit your details and make any comments about adjustments to the font, message, images, as well as any specifications of particular laminations and paperweights. We will then work to design the funeral attendance cards in line with your specification. 

We know that planning a memorial is a stressful ordeal, so we can promise to deliver on-screen proofs of your funeral attendance card on the same day so that you can get a good sense of how they look. Then, we can print and deliver the number of cards you will require well before the service goes ahead.